Garage Door Spring Replacement, Opener Repair
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Garage Door Repair

Questions & Answers


same Day Service!

Opening and closing your garage door is as simple as giving us a call.

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Before & After - Most garage doors can be repaired rather than replaced.

Our parts are second to none. Long-lasting torsion springs, nylon-coated steel rollers with bearings, thick-gauge steel hinges, struts, and braces. All our parts are designed to keep your overhead garage door running for years to come.

Our employees are professional, courteous, and prompt, and our service technicians will call you before arriving at your home.

A broken garage door can be a real inconvenience when your vehicle is trapped in the garage and you have somewhere important to be. Make us aware of your situation, and we can give you a rush service*.

Each service truck is stocked with hundreds of replacement parts so we can get your car out. All in one visit.

Your entire garage door system will be checked for safety; lubricated; bolts, nuts, and screws tightened; and in addition, our professional technicians will advise which parts are worn and need to be replaced to improve the door's function and extend the life of the door.


Q:  Should I replace broken springs myself?

A:  This is not a DIY project. Please call a professional who will be able to measure and weigh the door and parts, using proper tools, and has experience with these dangerous situations.

Q:  My door is a kick-out one-panel door. Can you replace the parts and get it fixed for us?

A:  No. Sorry, but some older doors can not be made safe. Also, parts for these doors are mostly extinct.

Q:  My door is not old but it's already not working. Can you fix my door today?
A:  Most likely! Give us a call.

Often contractors and large companies have installers who are not experienced in the dangers and importance of each detail of your large powerful garage door. Springs can be placed under too much tension.Lumber, angle iron, and framing can be installed incorrectly, and failing to place a good stud can create an unsafe environment for your entire garage area. Please stay out of your garage until an experienced technician repairs the damages. Hope Garage Repair will fix it right.

Q:  I went to leave, hit the button, and my door went sideways! I'm not joking. Parts are on the ground and everything is a mess. What should I do?
A:  Don't touch anything. Exit the garage until a trained professional such as one of our technicians repair your door properly.

There are many other questions we receive every day. Feel free to give us a call at 865-234-8937 for answers.

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garage door problems? We can fix it today!

Dedicated to repairing doors.

Hope Garage can fix your garage door—rather than selling you a new door.*

Hope Garage Door Repair

Broken springs, rollers, hinges, and even a cracked garage door panel can be repaired better than new when you call Hope Garage Door Repair. We use high-quality replacement parts that will make your garage door safer and quieter than a new door.